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 Dart Advantage Logistics goes GREEN!

Dart Advantage Logistics has teamed with the U.S. environmental Protection Agency to become a SmartWay Transport Partner. By partnering with SmartWay, DAL is committing to help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We are doing this by measuring and improving the efficiency of our carrier operations.

We started the SmartWay program in 2009 with 130 carriers, and in 2011 we grew our pool to over 2900!

What is the SmartWay Transport Partnership?  

The SmartWay Transport Partnership, introduced on February 9, 2004, is an innovative collaboration  between the US Environmental Protection Agency and the freight industry designed to implement creative approaches to reducing the energy and environmental impact of transport. The Partnership currently focuses on freight (e.g., truck, rail, and marine) transport.

What are the goals of the Partnership?

The goals of the SmartWay Transport Partnership are to increase the use of fuel efficiency technologies and strategies that lower emissions and reduce adverse  environmental impacts while helping freight companies save money.  Specifically, the Partnership lowers emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and greenhouse gases. 


You can do your part by committing to using carriers who are SmartWay partners. You can find a current list of these partners on the EPA Website, www.epa/gov/smartway.

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